Turmeric, Lemon & Orange Cake

The end of April brings the dream of warm breezes that carry the faint scent of spices with every current… the dream of faraway places where tall coconut trees blow to and fro in the wind, where vines cling stubbornly onto thickly knotted tree trunks, and where one can delight in freshly gathered papayas and exotic guava fruits… the end of April brings the dream of that far off land called India… Continue reading “Turmeric, Lemon & Orange Cake”


Traditional Scottish Shortbread

Baking is the sort of thing that requires time, energy, concentration and precision, things one doesn’t always have in great supply; Yet, these deliciously crunchy Scottish shortbreads are not only as easy as pie, they’re also extremely quick to make; and whether you’ve forgotten your mother-in-law was supposed to come over for afternoon tea and you have nothing to offer her, or you wish to enjoy a typically English breakfast, these biscuits will never cease to delight!

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