September, new beginnings…

The month of September is the perfect month of the year to start afresh;  As the leaves turn slowly brown, dry up and fall softly to the ground, I am reminded of what Meg Ryan says in You’ve got mail, about how “New York in the fall makes her want to buy school supplies and send out bouquets of sharpened pencils”.

water colour wood
water colour wood with hedgehog

September is the month of pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks and warm apple cider you sip by the blaze of a crackling fire, as the evenings grow cool and crisp; And as autumn quietly swoops in, you feel the urge to curl up on a cushion, with a warm rug draped over your knees, a cinnamon roll in one hand and a book in the other, letting the peace and quiet wash over you, like waves by the seaside.

You think of hot pumpkin soup, warm vanilla cupcakes and little squirrels running around the forest, foraging for nuts.. a perfect “tableau” of what autumn should be like. Peaceful, restful and utterly delightful.

Vanilla cupcakes with tiramisu icing
Vanilla cupcakes with tiramisu icing

I would like to start this autumn season by reviving one of the characters in one of the children’s books I wrote and illustrated a few years ago: A red, bushy-tailed Squirrel who ‘s on the look-out for a new home. Mr. Squirrel travels far and wide through fields and forests before resting his sore feet in a hollowed out pumpkin. Before long, he is chased out by a dog and eventually finds the ideal place in a tall oak tree, where he meets his neighbors, a haughty looking owl, and a small dormouse.

Mr Squirrel
Mr. Squirrel

Because baking should be fun, creative and unique, I’ll begin this new season by making my own Mr. Squirrel out of sugar paste. I will hence spend the next week shopping for all the different ingredients and utensils necessary for this first project at my favorite shop called The Cake Shop. I will make notes about the basic techniques I will need and the different colors and textures I can come up with. I will also illustrate my next post with photos and useful comments and tips, so as to help you make your very own Mr. Squirrel.

In the meantime, here’s an incentive.. warm vanilla cupcakes with tiramisu icing… Just out of the oven.

Enjoy and see you next week!




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