About me

Former fashion designer and children’s book illustrator, I decided after quite some soul searching, to start a baking blog, specifically about cupcakes, sugar paste techniques and traditional English cakes. I decided this was the best way for me to learn more about the magical world of cake making, and create beautiful, edible art using my different skills.
I’ve always loved baking, whether it be a child’s birthday cake, a traditional, English Christmas dessert, or for Sunday brunch with the family;
Now I wish to take my passion a step further and create unique cakes inspired by my own illustrations and characters I’ve imagined, using basic techniques I will learn on the way.

Like storytelling and children’ s picture books, I believe that baking (and eating) cakes can transport us, and whether it be the bold and exciting colors we use, the creamy textures and witty, imaginative characters we create or the delicious smell of warm melted chocolate oozing from the middle, time suddenly stands still, and for a fleeting moment we’re brought back in time…
Our senses are heightened as we remember forgotten memories that inevitably bring a smile to our face.

I’d like to be the one to make you smile.

Cécile Berlioz Collet.