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Pear & Caramel Layer Cake

Pears are not only a delicious winter fruit, they’re also considered to be a symbol of Christmas, represented and immortalized alongside a partridge in the XVIIIth century English Christmas Carol “The Twelve days of Christmas”, which is a cumulative song that enumerates increasingly grand gifts, given on each of the twelve days of Christmas… Continue reading “Pear & Caramel Layer Cake”

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South African Tipsy Tart (or Cape Brandy Pudding)

Tipsy Tart is a South African dessert from the Western Cape area that is usually eaten around Christmas. It also goes by the name of “Cape brandy pudding” or “dadelpoeding”, which means ‘date pudding’ in Afrikaans. Usually soaked in a thick brandy syrup, this cake is served with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream and can make a delicious substitute for the traditional English Christmas cake, the Anglo-Saxons are so fond of…

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Cranberry and Orange Cake with White Chocolate Icing

The month of December has arrived and with it, a whirlwind of preparation and anticipation… People have started decorating their Christmas trees, putting up twinkle lights and going to Christmas markets where the mouth-watering smells of spiced wine, candied orange peel, and fresh pine trees entice them to buy treasures of all sorts and delicious homemade goodsContinue reading “Cranberry and Orange Cake with White Chocolate Icing”

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Gingerbread Cake with Fudge Icing

When one thinks of Christmas, one inevitably thinks ‘gingerbread’. Whether it be crisp and crunchy gingerbread cookies stuffed in a stocking, soft and sticky gingerbread cake one eats on Christmas day or gingerbread flavoured hot chocolate you sip in front of a crackling log fire while you listen to Christmas carols, gingerbread has always been a holiday favourite, announcing the beginning of the festive season

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Holiday Gingerbread Cookies

As the holiday season approaches, baking has become, for many, a frequent ritual; there is nothing more comforting than delicious smells wafting from a warm and cozy kitchen especially if it’s cold and frosty outside. Gingerbread, in all its forms, represents the perfect holiday treat: sometimes soft and sticky, sometimes deliciously crunchy and always sweet and spicy, it never ceases to delight…

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Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes

The month of November is now in full swing and the warm autumn days have been replaced with dark and frosty winter mornings. Yet, despite the cold and dreariness, the shops have already started decorating their windows with beautiful Christmas ornaments and the streets, which are illuminated with magical twinkle lights, are full of bustling passers by who are all too eager to start their Christmas shopping… Continue reading “Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes”