Chocolate & Raspberry Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

Valentine’s Day or “Saint Valentine’s Day” is recognized as a significant religious, cultural and commercial celebration of love and romantic love; It started in the XIVth century when the tradition of courtly love flourished and then grew, in the XVIIIth century into an occasion where couples would present flowers and cards (known as Valentine’s) to express their feelings for one another… Continue reading “Chocolate & Raspberry Valentine’s Day Cupcakes”

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Rich Coconut Cake

February is often considered to be the coldest and dreariest month of winter. Tired of the wet, chilly mornings, of the inevitable germs and endless layers of clothing, everybody longs for Spring and all the sunny, warm days that come with it. Yet, here is a recipe that will put a huge smile on your face and warm you to the bone, with it’s rich coconut taste, and deliciously creamy icing sprinkled generously with coconut shavings…

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