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Magical Toadstools

A toadstool is a poisonous fungus with a round top and narrow stem. Other words such as mould, wet rot and toxic also come to mind when referring to this inedible mushroom. The “toadstool” was named around the XIVth century in German folk tales and fairy stories after “toads” which were extremely colourful (much like the toadstool) yet considered highly poisonous themselves, often seen sitting on toadstools waiting to catch a fly with their long tongues. Yet, toadstools often play an important and magical role in children’s stories: They are represented in fairy tales, where many a cheeky gnome has fallen asleep under the large red cap of a mushroom, seeking shelter from the rain or on beautifully illustrated Christmas cards for end of year seasonal greetings…

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Sugar Paste Pumpkins

As time marches on, an all time seasonal favourite of mine gets closer and closer: All Hallow’s Eve, or more commonly known as “Hallowe’en”. The leaves have now fallen, the crops have been harvested and ‘Tis the season to celebrate this ancient tradition. It is  believed to have derived from pagan, celtic harvest festivals and later on, in some parts of the world, evolved into a religious celebration dedicated to remembering the dead. Nowadays, Hallowe’en has become quite a secular holiday where people enjoy trick-or-treating dressed up in costumes, carving bright orange pumpkins into jack- o’- lanterns, drinking apple cider in front of large bonfires and telling scary stories… Continue reading “Sugar Paste Pumpkins”


Two Layered Aquarelle Cake

It is well known that autumn is the season of colours: The trees are starting to turn beautiful shades of yellow, red and orange and the fallen leaves have already gone brown. Forests are full of beige-coloured mushrooms, and tree branches and roots have deep-green moss growing on them. T’is also the season for large orange pumpkins, small chestnut coloured acorns, bright yellow squashes and a variety of shiny purple eggplants.

And whether these lavish colours come from different types of fruit and vegetables or are provided by mother nature herself, the possibilities are endless and quite magical

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Sugar Paste character: Mister Squirrel

“Mister Squirrel was tired of searching. His feet ached and he was hungry. He put down his suitcase with a thud and looked around. Surely there was a tall tree nearby or even a rabbit whole he could sleep in for the night? Just as Mr. Squirrel was giving up hope of finding a suitable resting spot, he saw the most wonderful thing: a large, orange pumpkin. And it was just sitting there, empty. Mr. Squirrel decided to come closer so as to have a better look.”

Extract from the children’s book: A new home for Mr. Squirrel

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