Caramel Cupcakes with Creamy Fudge Icing

As the October days march on, temperatures decrease considerably and the trees shed their leaves, showing off their bare branches as they tremble in the cold wind. The autumn season is now in full swing and people are making dishes from seasonal fruits and vegetables such as wild mushroom soup, roast duck with fig sauce, red plum pie and warm pumpkin spice muffins; yet, what one really craves when it starts to get cold and dreary outside are caramel cupcakes with creamy fudge icing, a recipe that will warm the cockles of your heart and put a smile on your face even in the bitter cold, and on the darkest, dreariest of days… Continue reading “Caramel Cupcakes with Creamy Fudge Icing”


Apple Crumble & Cinnamon Cupcakes

When I think of the cool month of October, images of long walks along the canal, crunching my way through a carpet of brown leaves come to mind… or watching little birds flit and hop about as they find twigs and moss for their nests, or drinking mulled cider by the fire and enjoying warm apple crumble with whipped cream on a crisp Sunday afternoon… Continue reading “Apple Crumble & Cinnamon Cupcakes”


Halloween Meringue Phantoms

As the count down to Halloween night begins, so does my research for delicious autumn recipes, edible spooky decors and interesting tit bits about this and that, that I collect on the way…whether you’re hosting the most terrifying hallowe’en party in history or a more magical and cuter version for kids, these tasty phantom meringues will bring smiles of delight! Add them to your lemon meringue cupcakes, pile them up onto a large cake stand or surround your jack’o lanterns with them, I guarantee you’ll keep your guests enchanted…

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Tropical Passion Fruit Cupcakes

There are more or less 500 species of passiflora, yet only one variety bears the name of passionfruit: The Passiflora edulis Sims. Some are purple skinned, more common, this passionfruit is known to have quite a sweet flavour, juice in abundance and small black seeds. The yellow passionfruit has thicker skin, also quite a lot of juice yet possesses a much more sour taste and brown seeds. The harvest is at it’s most abundant from the beginning of October to December which is perfect for cheering up dreary autumn days and adding colour and zest to the long winter months ahead…

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Magical Toadstools

A toadstool is a poisonous fungus with a round top and narrow stem. Other words such as mould, wet rot and toxic also come to mind when referring to this inedible mushroom. The “toadstool” was named around the XIVth century in German folk tales and fairy stories after “toads” which were extremely colourful (much like the toadstool) yet considered highly poisonous themselves, often seen sitting on toadstools waiting to catch a fly with their long tongues. Yet, toadstools often play an important and magical role in children’s stories: They are represented in fairy tales, where many a cheeky gnome has fallen asleep under the large red cap of a mushroom, seeking shelter from the rain or on beautifully illustrated Christmas cards for end of year seasonal greetings…

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